Princess Charlotte’s reaction to hugging a stranger goes viral again

It is because of things like this that princess charlotte is now so popular, and her reactions to any of the situations in which she has accompanied her mother, Princess Kate Middleton, have been totally unexpected, but very charming, like the time the little royal hugged an unknown woman.

A video of Princess Charlotte has once again gone extremely viral in TikTokthis May 2 the daughter of prince william turned 9 years old, and royal fans have dusted off some old images where the little girl was with her mother, Princess Kate, when a royal spectator motioned for her to come closer with her arms outstretched. Charlotte, who was 4 years old at the time, reacted very tenderly and stretched out her arms and hugged the woman. This happened during the royal family’s visit to the church in England on Christmas morning in 2019.

“She is so adorable”, “This gesture from Princess Charlotte will always be remembered”, “there is no doubt that that lady was happy for the rest of the day”, “how cute the little girl looks”, were some of the comments that highlighted this adorable gesture.


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