Cher confesses why she rejected Elvis Presley, what was the characteristic he was missing? – The Sun of Mexico

Elvis Presley He is considered one of the most handsome men in the world. However, neither his beauty nor his talent prevented him from wasra rejected by Cherthe actress who prevented the king of rock from winning her heart.

Through an interview with Jennifer Hudson, Cher he was sincere and confessed the reasons why he rejected have a relationship loving with the interpreter Can’t Help Falling in Love.

In addition, he shared the reasons why he prefers to establish romantic ties with younger men that she, since she is currently in a relationship with the rapper Alexander Edwards37 years old, 40 years younger than her.

Why did Cher reject Elvis Presley?

Although the king of rock is considered one of the most handsome men, Cher avoided have a love relationship with Elvis Presley by he social circle around him, who “were not bad people” but she “was a little nervous” about the reputation that they had built for it.

Besides, Cher He confessed that he was a very Shy when you are not working and finds it difficult to socialize with mena reason that would also have prevented her from establishing a love relationship with Elvis Presley.

Cher confesses why she likes dating younger men

Cher has faced constant criticism for dating men younger than her. An example of this is her current relationship with rapper Alexander Edwards, who is 37 years old and she is 67.

However, she confessed that she likes to date young men because they men of their age “they are always terrified to approach her, while the youths are bold“he assured.

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