Princess Leonor was excluded from a class at the Zaragoza Academy for this reason

Since the Princess Eleanor entered the military academic facilities of Saragossathis has demonstrated a more than optimal performance in each of the tests and training that has been assigned to it, and although the intentions have never been to give it special treatment due to its real position, for the institution it is undeniable to accept that its study plan is different from that of his peers.

According to the media Confidential MonarchyPrincess Eleanor She was excluded from a class at the Zaragoza Academybecause he has not been receiving the same training as the other cadets regarding hand to hand combat training refers, and although we have seen the royal carrying rifles and other firearms in previous photographs, her training is mainly in military intelligence, and not to engage in direct combat, or at least this is what the media cites in their reports.

Taking into account the above, it is almost obvious that some of the classes that are Vital importance and essential for any military, be removed from the curriculum of the princess of Asturias, In the end it is something that royal fans have already speculated before.

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