Queen Letizia and the divorce agreement she signed with King Felipe VI

Among my agreements that Queen Letizia has already done with him king philip SAWhighlights again the divorce agreement that both signed and that now comes to light again in the midst of the enormous scandal that has generated rumors of infidelity on the part of the monarch, causing a deep silence in Operetta that seemed to have no end.

The strong rumor that Jaime BurgLetizia’s former brother-in-law, has spread to the four winds, has caused even more speculation about a possible divorce in the marriage of the kings of Spain.

Although the couple has gone through several crises, they remain firm and together. However, even before getting married, they signed a divorce agreement where they stipulated several rules that they must follow to the letter in case they were to separate.

Before saying yes, Letizia and Felipe agreed to specific clauses that established the procedure to follow in the event of a possible marital crisis. In the case of her divorce, Letizia assured her future by expressing her intention to resume her career as a journalist, an activity that she left when assuming the title of princess of Asturias and now, the queen. The queen’s former lawyer, David Rocasolanomade this agreement public, an extensive 50-page document that makes it clear what other benefits the now monarch would obtain.

Letizia would also receive a monthly financial allocation for life, from the General State Budgets, in her capacity as mother of the future Head of State, the current princess Eleanor. But that is not all, since also would have access to two official residencesone for the summer season, and another for the winter, along with the necessary service personnel and with all expenses included.

In that way, the Queen Letizia shielded his relationship with him king philip SAW. The current rumors, although quite strong, do not seem to guarantee a separation between the kings of Spain, since there is no way to confirm whether or not Letizia was unfaithful in the past.

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