Queen Letizia had planned to divorce King Felipe VI to escape with her alleged lover

The controversy of the Queen Letizia and his scandal of alleged infidelity stings and is understandable. But now, Jaime del Burgo returns to the attack and reveals new details of his alleged affair with the monarch, alleging that she even planned her divorce with him king Philip VI to escape with him.

The last month of the year 2023 has been a complete nightmare for Letizia and the entire Spanish royal family, thanks to the controversial statements that his former brother-in-law has done and where he claims to have been a lover of the queen.

With all kinds of comments, del Burgo believes that the public has the right to know the truth, which is why he believes that “it was a mistake” to have deleted his comments at one point. tweets where he declared before all Internet users his alleged affair with Letizia.

«I think what I need is to let go of ballast, put an end to a long chapter and draw conclusions that help us improve. And to do this you have to report your own and other people’s mistakes. Because you learn from mistakes,” he explained in part of his text.

“I don’t change a single point about my deleted posts,” he says, “I appreciate the messages from those who have understood that I would have my reasons.” He also assured that he does not hold a grudge against all the people who have even threatened him with death: “I don’t feel proud. But the truth is what it is. I recognize only one king, he is in Heaven and his name is Jesus of Nazareth. “He will judge me.”

In one of his most recent publications in TwitterJaime has made known the plans that Letizia had with him, including an eventual divorce from Felipe VI and escaping to the city of New york, state Joined.

But that’s not all, since he also assured that the monarch wanted to have a surrogate child with him, that “he had told her about it.”

With this, the writer has also made it very clear that the Queen Letizia and he already had everything planned to live their relationship away from Spain. For life reasons, as he says, the romance did not bear fruit today Letizia and Don Philip VI They are the kings of the Iberian country.

Have you said something Operetta? Absolutely nothing, since They don’t want to cover rumorsthere is no way to confirm them and we will not see the queen giving statements about whether or not she planned to divorce her husband.

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