Queen Letizia is accused of wanting to end the monarchy of Spain

The Queen Letizia is undoubtedly the most mentioned figure of Spanish royalty in recent days, but not for a good reason, since due to the strong controversies generated by the rumor of his infidelity towards him king Philip VIthe monarch has been the target of all the entertainment media in the Iberian country, and now, many royal fans and indifferent users claim that the monarch’s wife wants to end the monarchy of Spain once and for all.

That’s right, several users of the social networks They accuse Queen Letizia of wanting to end the reigns in the Iberian region of Europe, and they also say that the most effective way to do it is from within, although the Spanish media finds this idea from the fanatics crazythey do not rule it out entirely.

Meanwhile, the rumors about the supposed infidelity of Letizia continue to cover more ground within showbiz not only in Spain, but throughout the world, including the British press, whose important media, such as the Daily Mailhave already written several articles about the controversy plaguing Spanish royalty.

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