Queen Letizia would have been unfaithful to King Felipe VI with Fher Olvera, vocalist of Maná

You Queen Letizia from Spain, amid rumors of infidelity spread by his former brother-in-law Jaime Burgnow the alleged affair that he would have also had with Fher Olveravocalist of the popular band Mannathus becoming another of the men on the list with whom he allegedly betrayed the king philip SAW.

Fher Olvera would have been another lover of Letizia before becoming the queen consort of Spain. This is what Jaime Peñafiel has revealed in his controversial book ‘Letizia and I’, which has caused an unprecedented scandal for the royalty Spanish.

The alleged clandestine love between Fher Olvera, the vocalist of Maná, and the now queen Letizia, It would have occurred from 2002 to 2004, just before her wedding to King Felipe VI.

It all started when Letizia had a stay in Mexico during 1995 as a graduate student, while working for the newspaper Century XXI.

There, one day he had to to interview to the band of the moment which was nothing more and nothing less than Maná. And without knowing that as part of his job as journalista passionate story of a clandestine love would emerge that has now been exposed to the media again.

According to Sergioa member of the band, Letizia She was a tough journalist, but at the end of the concert she let herself be carried away by the music and shared tequilas with each of the band members. This is how Letizia ended up living a passionate romance with Fher Olvera.

The story of passion and secrets of Queen Letizia and the Maná vocalist would have even inspired the cover of one of the band’s most iconic albums. Apparently Letizia was the source of inspiration for the album cover «Dreams Liquids«, which includes one of the band’s greatest musical hits “En El Muelle de San Blas”.

At the same time, in a past interview with the network Telemundowhen Fher Olvera was asked about his romance with the queen of Spain, he responded the following:

“A gentleman has no memory and we leave it there.”

Although neither Fher Olvera not even Queen Letizia has dared to confirm his affair, the latent feeling of another possible infidelity to the king philip SAWis now more alive than ever.

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