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A male person died this Monday when overturning and hit your car on a vehicular bridge in the Villas de la Hacienda neighborhood in Atizapán.

The combination of alcohol and speed caused a male person between 25 and 30 years of age to lose his life when his St. focus car overturned and hit plates PBA1301 on a vehicular bridge on the Lago de Guadalupe highway near Villas de la Hacienda.

Reports from Civil Protection and the Atizapán Red Cross indicate that the driver was speeding when he lost control and crashed on a vehicular bridge, dying instantly.

The car was a total loss, while experts from the FGJEM arrived at the scene of the accident as well as the forensic doctor who ordered the transfer of the body to the Forensic Medical Service.

Accidents in December

During December there is usually a high incidence of deaths due to accidents on public roads, where alcohol consumption is a common denominator.

After the end of confinement due to the Covid pandemic, the number of deaths has increased on this date according to data from the Toluca Red Cross delegation.

“The first place where people die the most is on the street, due to road accidents, and the second is inside the home, due to accidents such as falls, burns, asphyxiation, burns, poisonings,” explained Oscar Oliden, head of said coordination.

“Unfortunately, during the month of December and more on weekends, and in this case that the 24th and the end of the year fall on a weekend, the deaths and road accidents that occur increase by nearly 30%,” he said. .

In it State of Mexico about 15 thousand road accidents occur annually on averageof which between 30 and 40% culminate in deaths, being the number one cause of the increase in deaths during the month of December.

“The rest of the road accidents are people who are going to have some eventual or permanent disability,” he reiterated.

The main victims of accidents are young people between 15 and 24 years old of age, and most accidents occur due to events related to the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

According to the Red Cross, there are eight urban municipalities in the State of Mexico where the incidence of road accidents is recorded the most in the December season, accumulating close to 80% of road accidents in the entity.

Originally published in The Sun of Toluca

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