Jennie admits she will go solo in 2024. Did she split from BLACKPINK?

The KPop artist, Jennyand main rapper of the group BLACKPINK, has recently made it clear that she is willing to start a year where her talent and magic shine on their own, and she will begin to create much more of her career, but in a more solitary way, that is, separated from her group. As the singer’s fans know about her, she decided to establish her own agency very recently, in order to carry out activities that represent only her.

However, the announcement of this has left many questions in the fans, as if it will be true that the Idol He has already begun to separate little by little from his groupand she has an explanation for it.

The star thanked his followers known as BLINKS for a wonderful year full of adventures and achievements, however, he commented that he will begin his solo career: ‘I am very happy for what is to come, I will begin my solo journey and established an agency called OA‘. In the statement that has been released on social networks, it can be noted that the singer admits wanting to start a new path alone, however, she does not specify that she will separate from BLACKPINK, but quite the opposite, as she will continue with her group activities with the YG agency. Entertainment.

So for the moment, people who follow the singer’s project will now be able to see her act much more individually than ever, although this marks with some sadness to many, as speculation is beginning that the group could one day break up permanently.

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