Kendall Jenner wears elegant revenge dress for Christmas after ending her relationship with Bad Bunny

The most recognized Hollywood stars, such as the model Kendall Jenneron Christmas night they did not waste their time to dress really fascinating and charm all their followers, and probably their ex-partners as well.

As expected in the ‘club’The Kardashians‘Each of them would choose their best outfits to receive Christmas Eve, and in the case of the model it was no exception, however, this would mark something similar to the ‘revenge dress’ because she looked totally beautiful a few days after knew that she had ended her relationship with the singer Bad Bunny.

The model and who was once an angel of El Secreto de Victoria, used for this day a very tight-fitting black dress, with some white fluff decorations at the beginning and end of it. The outfit she wore was seen in the photographs that Kendall Jenner herself uploaded to her social networks, and as expected, many people were stunned by her style, since she accentuated each of her curves very well. her.

Although most of the comments on the photograph were to praise Kendall, there were also some where there were rumors about the failed relationship that the artists would have had, and that according to a close source: ‘ended due to how busy their work schedules were‘, and this also served to make Internet users comment that without a doubt the revenge dress It was very accurate for this moment.

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