Queen Letizia made the decision to leave Spain with her alleged lover

The new statements of Jaime del Burgo about his alleged affair with Queen Letizia are going around the world, since it assures that the current monarch also planned to leave Spain to go with him, as well as explaining the reasons why she ended up not doing so and, in turn, new details of how she would have hidden her alleged romance at that time.

Through the X platform (Twitter)Jaime del Burgo, who was brother-in-law and now alleged former lover of Queen Letizia, has revealed new details about his relationship with Queen Letizia’s wife. Philip SAWnow arguing that she too she had plans to leave Spain to go live with him.

He businessman He also stated that Doña Letizia also tried to plan her divorce from Felipe with him, thinking about the future about their daughters and how they could continue hiding their relationship in Spain

«We dealt with the issue of the divorce of Felipe VI, of the girls (the princess of Asturias and the infanta Sofia), we sought legal advice, we looked together at a house in Florida that bordered Operetta to use it as a refuge during the stages we were in Spain,” he assured.

At the same time, he confesses that Queen Letizia had taken the decision to leave Spain and go to New york, state Joinedto live with him permanently.

“We consider New York as the best option for permanent residence,” argues del Burgo while also ensuring that they considered having a child together. It was, he says, she who put it on the table: “The idea that we would have our child through a surrogate womb in The Angels“He proposed it to me while I was in La Terre Blanch.”

Until now, not even the Queen Letizia neither Operetta have issued a statement referring to the controversial statements of Jaime Burg. However, the media firmly believes that they will not do so either, since the crown will most likely remain completely hermetic in the face of the scandal.

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