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He 2023 was marked by various events that made the entire world turn to look at them, and these range from wars, astronomical phenomena, natural disasters, film premieres even strikes.

Likewise, the world witnessed the death of great figures like the writer Haruki Murakamithe plastic artist Fernando Boterothat of the singer Sinead O’Connoramong others.

Capture of Ovidio Guzmán

2023 began with the announcement of the capture of Ovidio Guzmánson of Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, former leader of the Sinaloa Cartel, on January 5.

The arrest of “El Ratón” occurred after the deployment of a federal operation in Culiacán, Sinaloathree years after the failed operation to capture him known as Culiacanazo and a few days after the arrival of the American president, Joe Biden, to Mexico for the American Leaders Summit.

Earthquake in Syria and Türkiye

On February 6, the eyes of the world turned to see Syria and Türkiyewell a earthquake of magnitude 7.8 devastated a large part of these countries. According to the authorities, 46 thousand people died in Turkey, plus six thousand fatalities on the Syrian side.

The catastrophe left hundreds of thousands of families homeless and It affected the lives of about 14 million people. A month after the catastrophe, there were still two million people living in tents or containers installed in stadiums or parks.

Coronation of King Charles III

It was on May 6 that London experienced a historic event, because for the first time in 70 years, a coronation ceremony was held: Charles III and his wife Camilla were officially proclaimed kings at Westminster Abbey, marking the beginning of a new era for both Royal family as for the British.

During the event where the monarchs were crowned, in Trafalgar Square protesters gathered with banners and some wearing yellow and black hats with the phrase “Not my King” (Not my king), are the Republican opponents who want an elected head of state.

Disappearance of the Titan submarine

On June 19, it was reported disappearance in the depths of the sea from a tourist submarine that was explorations to see the remains of the Titanic. From that moment on he began a race against time to find it, because inside him there was five crew.

The company’s submersible ocean gate He only had 96 hours of oxygen, which passed without the rescue operations bearing fruit. Later, it was revealed that The Titan imploded with five people inside.

OceanGatemourned the death of its CEO, Stockton Rush; of the Pakistani businessman Shahzada Dawood and her son Suleman19 years old, plus British explorers Hamish Harding and french Paul-Henri Nargeoletafter confirm that the remains belonged to the external body of the submersible they manufactured.

US Congress on UFO phenomenon

During a hearing held in the US Congress on July 26, three soldiers gave to know information about the experiences they have had with unidentified objects: David Grusch, former Air Force intelligence officer who maintains that the Pentagon has remains of alien spacecraft in its possession; David Fravor retired Navy commander; and Ryan Graves former Navy pilot.

After the information was released by the military, The US Congress asked the Pentagon to directly disseminate the information classified available.

Appreciation of the peso against the dollar

On the morning of July 5, The exchange rate broke the barrier of 17 pesos per dollar to be quoted at 16.99 units per greenback, in this way, The Mexican currency reached its best level since December 18, 2015.

At that time, the exchange rate was favored mainly from the monetary policy announcement of the governing board of the Banxicowhich decided to keep the reference interest rate unchanged.

Barbienheimmer phenomenon

Weeks before it was released”Barbie”the long-awaited Greta Gerwing film, on par with the production “Oppenheimer“Christopher Nolan’s phenomenon arose Barbienheimmer.

Internet users combined the titles of both films to create memes that circulated before the theatrical release of both films on July 20.

At this point in the year, pink fever Barbie It took over practically all over the world, as items of all kinds were sold alluding to the color of the famous Mattel doll.

Impact of The Eras Tour

Internet exploded with the start of the tour The Eras Tour of Taylor Swiftwhich had four dates in Mexico starting on August 25 that Mexican fans used to create friendship bracelets and the best outfits for the event.

The impact was such that the movie theaters were packed with the premiere of the film that compiled the best moments of the tour.

Hollywood actors and scriptwriters strike

After 148 days of unemployment, he Writers Guild of America (SAG) ended his strike on September 27, after having reached an agreement with the large production houses of Hollywood.

Likewise, after 118 days, from the first minute of last Thursday, November 9 The Hollywood actors’ strike ended.

Both unionized groups They reached an agreement that benefited them in respective areas, such as regulating the use of artificial intelligence in productions and fairer payments.

Disney turned 100 years old

On October 16, Disney turned 100 years old to bring the pink versions of classic children’s stories and although now he is mainly dedicated to making the live action version of these, it is still the film company more relevant.

Likewise, Disney creatives are responsible for stories like 101 Dalmatians; The Jungle Book, The Emperor and His Follies, The Lion King, Tangled, Hercules, Lady and the Tramp, Lilo and Stitch, Peter Pan or Tarzan, Fantasy, Bambi and Intensely.

War between Israel and Hamas

The group Palestinian Islamist Hamas launched the biggest attack against Israel in years on October 7, the offensive has claimed the lives of at least 21 thousand people in the Gaza Stripa figure that includes children.

Two months after the escalation of the conflict, Israel and Hamas They agreed to a ceasefire for a period of five days, during which prisoners and hostages were released.

Javier Milei’s triumph in Argentina

One of the political events that marked the presidents was the triumph of the far-right Javier Milei in the Argentine elections that led him to the presidency on November 19.

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The president must now deal with the empty coffers of the central bank and a debt contracted in 2018 with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for a program of 44 billion dollars.

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