Queen Letizia seeks measures to regain the trust of the monarchy after infidelity scandal

A famous journalist has revealed that the Queen Letizia has sought intelligent measures to regain confidence in Operettaafter the rumor of his alleged romance with Jaime del Burgo while she was engaged to him king philip SAWcausing a huge scandal that has escalated to the interest of the global public.

The famous Spanish journalist Pillar Eyrehas revealed the measures that Doña Letizia is taking to try to gain the trust of the Royal family Spanishwith whom he has not gotten along at all since the beginning of his relationship with Felipe VI.

Recently, the Infanta Elena She was celebrating her 60th birthday. Almost all the blood members of the Spanish royal family attended the event, but the presence that has drawn the most attention is that of Letizia. However, Eyre assures that her attendance, despite not getting along at all with her in-laws, is more than justified by everyone. scandal that has affected his image.

«Right now Queen Letizia is doing penance. She is eating with her in-laws with whom she has such a bad relationship. This political family “That he hates her and that she has made his life impossible in recent years,” Eyre stated.

However, the journalist assures that this visit from Letizia is only one perfect strategy to try to resolve the difficult moment that a reputation is experiencing.

«I think he had to bow his head. What no one has achieved, Jaime del Burgo has achieved. With those tweets he has managed to Letizia “She becomes a submissive person, who apologizes in this way, who wants to be by her family and be protected by the royal family, something that until now she had not needed because she was in a position of strength and now she is not.” , it culminated.

With this, Pilar Eyre ensures that the Queen Letizia has used the Infanta Elena party as a clear measure to try to gain the trust of the monarchy and with this, try to divert the attention that currently weighs on his shoulders due to the controversial statements of his former brother-in-law.

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