The emeritus queen of Spain will spend her last Christmas in Zarzuela

You Queen Emeritus Sofia of Spain prepares to celebrate his last Christmas in Operetta, a rumor that now sounds louder and of which the Spanish press is now giving it all the coverage. A difficult decision taking into account that she is the only member who was still in the Royal House and who was directly linked to the emeritus Juan Carlos Yo and his corruption scandal.

The internal situations of the Spanish royal family They continue to provoke great interest in the public eye, who lately have been very aware of the scandal caused by the alleged infidelity of the Queen Letizia to him king philip SAW.

However, what is now rumored is completely removed from this topic and is about none other than the emeritus Sofía, long-lived and very loved by the public, but apparently, He has already planned his definitive departure from Zarzuela.

Philip She had made an agreement with her mother that she would go on those long periods of travel with some of her relatives so as not to worsen the atmosphere she possibly has with her daughter-in-law. Sofia He had made one of the most difficult decisions of his life: these would be his last Christmas parties in Zarzuela.

The wife of Juan Carlos Yo She still continues to accompany the current kings to numerous activities, and she has also traveled abroad on numerous occasions representing the Spanish royal family. The Queen Emeritus Sofia she loves her job, she loves the crown and despite everything that has happened in the last two decades, she is extremely proud of her son.

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