Queen Letizia would not wear underwear

An important means of Spain has stated that the Queen Letizia would follow the tradition of many Spanish women by not wearing underwear when dressing, a fact that could generate some controversy in other countries, such as in the region of Latin America.

According to what was reported by ‘El Nacional de Catalunya’, the wife of king Philip VI follow the tradition of many women in their country by not wearing underwear. Apparently, Doña Letizia would have the perfect solution to feel comfortable.

Letizia found the solution so that her suits do not feel marked for underwear. That’s why, decided to stop wearing underwearsometimes she only uses bodysuits, so that her dresses do not feel tight,” they stated in the aforementioned medium.

Apparently, the queen would have renounced underwear as a alternative to prevent their dresses and other suits from showing the presence of intimate garments.

The Queen Letizia She is very popular in the fashion world, so it is not surprising that she meticulously takes care of each of her public appearances.

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