Queen Letizia would prepare a lawsuit against Jaime del Burgo after infidelity scandal

The rumor of the infidelity of the Queen Letizia to him king Philip VI It is already an international issue, there is no doubt about it, and this news not only impacted all the Spanish news media, but also all the royal fans, who do not stop discussing the controversial revelations made by the businessman. Jaime del Burgo.

Now, the famous Spanish journalist Pilar Eyre says that Queen Letizia could take legal action against her partner many years ago, since publishing her privacy in the way she did is something totally immoral and illegal. She also mentioned that the wife of King Felipe VI has affected by all this controversy, and that she has even been seen disconcerted in recent events.

On the other hand, Internet users continue to point out that the businessman from Burgos only wants to make life impossible for his former partner, and that all this commotion is nothing more than gossip for denigrate his name, however, it is still too early to confirm any fact, so new reports are expected with more details about the situation that has shaken the spanish royalty.

Of course, here you can listen to the full interview with the journalist:

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