Meghan Markle will seek a divorce from Prince Harry in the United States by 2024, according to predictions

The life of the actress Meghan Markle It seems that she no longer works as before since she is in a relationship with him. prince harryformer royal member of the British family, and for some time there has been speculation that the married couple is constantly in crisis due to all the inconveniences that their statements have caused.

And although the couple seems to be doing well in the company of their two small children, and living in USArecent predictions have indicated that 2024 will not be their year, and they may possibly divorce.

The Sky News reporter, Danica De Giorgiohas predicted in the middle of one of the live programs that the couple made up of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would be close to ending their relationship, and possibly the year 2024 will not be the best for them.

This is because the actress’s career has not been working in the best way since she decided to start a relationship with the prince, and until now she is realizing that she has not been able to continue moving forward at his side, quite the opposite. Danica De Giorgio has also stated in her prediction that she will be the duchess who starts everything in order to shine again, while Prince Harry will return to his native United Kingdom to reconcile with his royal family.

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