Mexico agrees to team up with the US to address immigration conflict – El Sol de México

After two and a half hours, the meeting held in the National Palace led by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and a US delegation concluded this Wednesday, where it was agreed to form a joint team to address migration.

At the conclusion of this meeting, Foreign Minister Alicia Bárcena stated that the US did not ask for anything in particular, but that it was agreed to form this joint team to address migration, and that the next meeting will be held in January 2024.

Likewise, he explained that the topic of the economic relationship between both countries and reopening the border bridges was discussed, which is a priority for our country.

The chancellor said that Mexico cares a lot about solving the causes of migration and why people are leaving their places of origin, which is why they addressed solutions to stop this problem and stop fentanyl trafficking to the United States.

Likewise, he assured that the numbers of migrants have been reduced and noted that the details of said agreements will be announced today through a joint statement.

Previously, President López Onrador had denied that the main objective of the meeting was to request a tightening of immigration controls in Mexican territory.

However, this meeting takes place after strong pressure from the US on Mexico to confront the migratory flow that, according to López Obrador, has generated problems on the northern border of our territory and has caused transportation to stop. Like trains, mainly in the City of Piedras Negras Coahuila.

The president stressed during his morning this Wednesday that both governments want to reach an agreement “because since there are elections in the United States, the immigration issue will be encouraged.”

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He even accused that “migration is used as a political flag” by Republican Party legislators and there are campaigns with the immigration issue, but he stressed that “care must be taken” to ensure that it does not continue to grow, because if it continues to advance it will generate a serious problem.


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