Queen Letizia’s alleged lover keeps her underwear with a dedication that leaves King Felipe VI in a bad light

The queen Letizia apparently she was very mischievous with Jaime Burgher ex-brother-in-law and alleged lover who has confessed the entire alleged affair they had while she was already engaged to him king philip SAWcausing an unprecedented scandal for the image of the famous monarch.

The infidelity scandal Spanish royal family It is without a doubt the most talked about event on the Internet in the month of December. Jaime del Burgo has managed to leave the monarch in a bad light, and although there is no way to confirm what he says, the damage has already been more than done.

Among the many statements that the lawyer has made in his account Twitterrevealed that Letizia even gave him underwear with dedicationssomething that is among those “evidence” that Jaime said he had in a safe and that will come to light if something happens to him.

All this would have happened during the time in which Letizia was not yet married to Felipe, she sent intimate clothes to Jaime del Burgo, as a kind of “gift” with letters written in the purest style “so that you do not forget me.” “, a rather peculiar way of romanticism and now, without a doubt, it generates controversy, and some laughter.

Not only does it have photos, messages and emails from the town, but it also has more compromising things, like the aforementioned underwear. However, it is not as if it were just the clothes, but at the same time it has words addressed to the lawyer in the handwriting of the Queen Letizia and the plans they both had to escape to the state Joined.

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