Renowned Mexican actress Renata Flores from ‘Rebelde’ dies

A few hours ago, the death of Renata FloresMexican actress who gave life to iconic characters in several Mexican soap operas such as ‘Rebel‘ either ‘Sparky‘, was known for performing excellent roles as villains.

The world of soap opera entertainment is in mourning, and as reported Forotv The actress died this Friday, February 9, at the age of 74. The causes of her death are currently unknown, so viewers hope that her medical diagnoses will be revealed.

Renata Flores saw her beginnings in the acting and entertainment industry in the 60s, where she demonstrated her innate talent and charisma, managing to capture the attention of numerous talent scouts, and thanks to this she had the opportunity to be a participant in successful television series. Mexican television, being ‘Rebelde’, ‘The Usurper‘, ‘Angel Face‘, ‘Fire in the blood‘ and of course ‘Wild Rose‘ where he dazzled with his characteristic performances.

Even, according to reports Univisionthe actress had a moving story of overcoming, and many are unaware that Renata was rescued by the National Association of Actors from spending a life on the streets.

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