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At a protest event due to the insecurity that the transport union has denounced, and given the death of one of the drivers this Friday, members of cargo transport blocked the federal highway of Chihuahua to Juárez, at the height of the Sacramento booth, where dozens of drivers arrived to organize the protest.

Julián LeBarón is there, accompanying the transport union to support their demand.

Víctor Gutiérrez was subjected to a violent assault in the town of Moctezuma, located in the municipality of Ahumada, on the Sueco-Villa Ahumad roadto.

First reports indicate that Gutiérrez was shot during the assault, which caused his death minutes later. The mishap has generated a wave of indignation among the trucking community and society in general.

The National Transport Association ANTAC issued a statement in which it strongly condemns the murder of Gutiérrez and demands strong actions by the authorities. “Insecurity and violence must end now,” they expressed in the statement. In addition, they called for those responsible for the crime to be arrested and effective measures to be implemented to prevent future similar incidents.

The protesters have made it clear that the blockade on the federal highway will not be lifted until justice is done and the safety of transporters and transporters is guaranteed. of the entire population that uses the communication routes in the state of Chihuahua.

Given the closure of the highway section, there are dozens of drivers waiting to continue on their way to Juárez. The motorists were dissatisfied with the protest and tried to dialogue with the transporters, who refused to lift the blockade until they obtained results from the corresponding authorities.

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Julián LeBarón said that this action not only seeks to honor the memory of Victor Gutierrez but also send a strong message about the urgent need to address the problem of violence and insecurity that afflicts the region.

Note published in The Herald of Chihuahua

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