TWICE’s Dahyun Praised for Her “Minimal Makeup” Look at Group Shows

The look of ‘little makeup’ or ‘minimal makeup’ has reached the KPop Idol Dahyunwho belongs to the group TWICEand who has earned a lot of positive comments after looking very natural in his group’s shows.

It is not necessary to highlight that the Idol has an almost perfect face and that she does not need much to look totally beautiful, however, in her daily life at the shows it was very normal to see her with a little more makeup as usual. The truth is that the Idol has wanted to renew her appearance, allowing her face to be what stands out at the concerts and that is why she has now attended much more naturally.

In one of her recent concerts, Dahyun showed her true angelic features, while being captured by different cameras while she looked at the audience. It was evident that I didn’t have much makeupand she just wanted to highlight her cheeks with blush, and her lips with a little pink lipstick.

After seeing the images, fans could not help but praise her, admitting that her ‘minimal makeup’ looked very good on her, since her natural features are enviable in themselves.

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