SBS security protects Aespa’s Winter from being attacked by a man on the catwalk

A few hours ago, the SBS Daejeon took place in South Korea, one of the most representative musical events in the Asian country, where Winter of Aespa I went through a very short, but bad experience when I was almost attacked by a stranger with a camera while walking down the catwalk.

In the well-known event, the venue’s security personnel were forced to act effectively by protecting Winter from whatever the unknown person was going to do. In a video that has gone around the world, you can see the Idol walking calmly when a man suddenly comes out and the security they throw themselves on top of him so that a negative event does not occur in the middle of the event.

Many Internet users have congratulated to the site’s security team, since this type of work has been involved in controversies due to some events that have occurred in recent months, however, on this occasion they have received all the applause from Internet users and fans of Aespa for such a quick reaction from the artist before his safety is threatened.

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