British royal family joins for Christmas mass at Sandringham

To follow the custom, like every December 25, the British royal family has gathered at Sandringham church, which is located in Norfolk, all to celebrate Christmas mass. After his debut as king, this would be the second consecutive year in which Charles III lead the Windsor walk with a big smile for these holidays.

The current monarch, 75 years old, led the royal walk with a very positive attitude, while he was accompanied by his first lady, the queen. Camilla Parkerand of the princes of Wales, the Prince William and Kate Middletonwho appeared at the place very elegant with their three little children, this being the second Christmas in which the little ones join the other members of the royal family for this religious Christmas event.

At the same time, another of the well-known faces that joined this royal catwalk was the princess anne along with her husband Laurence, noting that they both wore matching scarves, giving a very romantic touch to their public appearance.

Other well-known faces who did not want to miss this royal event were Lady Louise Windsor, the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh, Sophie and Prince Edward, looking happy and stylish with the strong cold that was hitting Norfolk at that time. Sarah Ferguson He has also surprised everyone with his presence there after all the health problems that have arisen in recent months; However, he was seen as smiling as always.

As always, the biggest absentees have been prince harry and his wife Meghan Marklebecause although there was a rumor that the relationship between both sides was improving, and they had planned to spend Christmas together, this never happened, and there is even talk that the tension between the two is stronger than ever.

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