Shakira now assures that it was “a blessing” to separate from Piqué

Colombian singer and songwriter Shakira and the former Spanish footballer Gerard Piqué They starred in one of the most high-profile breakups in recent years, since it became known that the Catalan was cheating on the artist with his now girlfriend. Clara Chía Martí. However, and despite all the pain that she left in the Latin star, she now assures that separating from her ex has been “a blessing“.

In a recent interview With ‘Aló’ from Colombia, Shakira has launched a new dart against Piqué, stating that she feels like a blessing or a stroke of luck to have separated from him.

If life gives you lemons, you know, you have to make lemonade“, argues Shakira explaining all the inspiration she has had as a result of breaking up with the former soccer player of the Barcelona F.C..

And in the middle of the interview, the interpreter from ‘Waka Waka’ said that she feels like a blessing to now be single and separated from her ex-partner.

I feel like it’s a blessing now to not have a husband. because I was crawling down“He stated, while making it clear that he is now grateful for having broken up with the Catalan.

Having loved is the most valuable lesson I’ve learned. It is better to trust and be betrayed than to never trust, and that is how I want to pass it on to my children,” she asserted.

Shakira She released her twelfth studio album ‘Las mujeres ya no Lloran’ on March 22. Most of the songs are inspired by her breakup with Piqueso she says that recording this album was like “a kind of therapy.”

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