Shakira’s infatuation with Gerard Piqué was what cost her her trial, explains lawyer

The recent news about the Colombian singer Shakira have attracted attention for the millionaire sum of money that must be paid, due to the fine that had been imposed for alleged tax fraud in Spain.

As told by Shakira Mebarak, she preferred to put her children first and submit to paying this sum of money, since as she explained it she made the decision ‘because they asked for it‘. And although many fans have not agreed with the penalty that has been imposed on her, a lawyer even revealed that Shakira’s crush, with whom she was her ex-partner and was unfaithful, Gerard Piquéwas the one who made everything turn out much more expensive.

The Colombian must pay a sum of 8.5 million dollars, which is added to another million-dollar figure that she had previously paid, and as explained Pau Molinsthe Barranquilla lawyer, in a statement the program The Mon: Shakira’s infatuation was the cause of the case resulting in that million-dollar sum, if she had fallen in love with Sergio Ramos it would have been much cheaper‘.

Although he did not give further explanations about the matter, he explained that the case was very difficult to handle, that since they are global artists and have to travel to different parts of the world, it is always difficult to determine where they live most of the time and where they must pay taxes. .

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