Shawn Levy is evasive when asked if Taylor Swift will appear in ‘Deadpool 3’

The actor and director Shawn Levy has created endless rumors after she remained mysteriously silent when asked if the internationally known artist, Taylor SwiftI could participate in the next film ‘Deadpool 3‘, which premieres in the month of July of this year.

When the director had a conversation with Entertainment Tonight, he remained elusive and silent when asked about the rumors that Taylor Swift was going to participate in her next film, with the character of dazzler from the Marvel Comics company.

Shawn Levy, who was also director of the famous series ‘Stranger Things‘, he neither affirmed nor denied the rumor linking the American star saying: ‘This is neither confirmed nor denied in this interview.‘, just after having maintained a silence and avoiding the question.

Furthermore, as fans have noticed certain connections that would ensure that the rumor may be true, the director said ‘What can I say, I think the intrigue is pretty fun.‘, and finally closed the topic. So for now, fans of the artist and the films will have to continue waiting until the issue is confirmed or denied.

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