“She got promoted by hooking up with my husband”

The book of Jaime Penafiel has fully exposed the Queen Letizia of Spain and the alleged adventures that he would have had before and after having met the king philip SAW. He has even collected statements from the ex-wife of one of the men with whom he would have been involved in his career as a journalist.

The rumors of infidelity of Queen Letizia of Spain have spread rapidly in Spanish national events. Felipe and all of Zarzuela have remained totally silent; nobody of the Real home has issued any type of statement and very possibly they will not do so.

Despite this, the rumor continues to circulate around the world, highlighting the revelations in the book and how Jaime Penafiel he even managed to get the ex-wife of one of the men with whom Letizia would have had affairs. The statement of the alleged wife of the director of a famous newspaper stands out, who claims that the current queen got into the eyes of her husband.

“Am the director’s wife of ‘Siglo XXI’, the newspaper in which Letizia worked during her stay in Guadalajara in 1995 as a reporter for the supplement ‘Tentaciones’, but she earned that position by hooking up with the big boss, my husband. What kind of queen she has! Spain“, the lady told him at the beginning of 2014.

Penafiel He also managed to find the name of that director of the newspaper Siglo XXI, Luis Miguel González being another of Doña Letizia’s alleged conquests.

«When he knew that Letizia was marrying Prince Philip, she sent an email to all her friends asking them, under no circumstances, to talk about the romantic relationship he had had with her. A gentleman! But a gentleman who had no qualms about falling in love being, as he was, a married man. “It was a very passionate relationship,” the book reveals.

Jaime Peñafiel too drafted the way in which Luis Miguel González described Letizia:

“She was too daring. He had that attitude of someone who allowed himself to knock on doors with little caution and approached everything that caught his attention. It was very ambitious and quite disciplined”

And you, what do you think of these controversial statements in the infidelity scandal of the queen Letizia?

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