BLACKPINK’s Jisoo gets emotional as she spends Christmas decorating cookies and cakes

Jisoo of BLACKPINK He wanted to provide a touching scene to all his fans, in order to celebrate this Christmas, and the outfit and his personality came together to radiate an aura of tenderness and happiness as much as possible, this of course, added to the delicious cookies and cakes that the Idol was decorating.

Through your channel Youtube called «Happiness Jisoo 103«, the BLACKPINK member, delighted all her followers with her Christmas dessert recipes, brightening the day of hundreds of thousands of users, who watched with emotion as their favorite artist drew tender faces on the cookies and cakes, and also took the opportunity to demonstrate her exquisite culinary talent, is there anything this woman doesn’t do well?

The BLINKS For their part, they couldn’t resist the urge to express how dedicated and beautiful she looked, “she looks so cute making cookies”, “Jisoo’s face… I melt”, “she looks like a little girl, she looks so adorable”, “Those cakes look really delicious,” “This is why she is the best!” were some of the messages that invaded the section. comments.

And if you haven’t seen her adorable video yet, you can do so below:

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