As in Home Alone: ​​child in the US travels to the wrong destination due to airline error – El Sol de México

The sequel to My poor angel became reality, or at least a very similar story took place in the United States this weekend, after a child ended up in the wrong airport due to an airline error.

The events occurred on December 21, when the minor mistakenly boarded a flight in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that took him to Orlando, Florida, 400 kilometers from Fort Myers, which was his true destination and where his grandmother was waiting for him.

Speaking to local network WINK News, a Spirit spokesperson apologized to the boy’s family and announced the opening of an investigation into what happened.

The airline assures that the minor was always accompanied by Spirit personnel and that when they realized the error they contacted his family so they could be reunited.

The boy’s grandmother, María Ramos, told the same network that she was waiting for her grandson at the Fort Myers airport and that she panicked when they told her that the minor was not on board the plane. His suitcase, however, did arrive at the correct destination.

EFE contacted Spirit this Monday but the company has not yet offered more details about the incident.

The Washington Post newspaper recalled that a similar episode occurred in 2016, when Maribel Martínez sued JetBlue Airlines because the company confused her son and handed her another child who was flying from the Dominican Republic at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York.

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