Sir Jonathan Pryce from Netflix series The Crown apologizes to Princess Anne for this reason

The Crown has been unquestionably one of the most successful series on the streaming platform. Netflixnot only for its historical events but also for the great work of the cast, where the talent and charisma stand out while giving life to the real characters in real life, but an uncomfortable, but funny situation led the actor Sir Jonathan Pryce to apologize to the princess anne without being very clear why.

Through an interview for Times Radiothe 76-year-old actor said that he had personally met one of the members of the royal family, who gave him to understand that he had seen his performance in the series, which obviously made him quite nervous, even when he was knighted in Windsor , it was this royal person who dubbed it, being Princess Anne, who clearly knew of her interpretation of her father.

«And then she put the sword on my shoulder, and I stood up and not knowing what to say to her, I simply said Oh, um… Excuse me?, to which she responded, why?, it’s already done.«, commented Sir Pryce, despite the nervousness, the actor made it clear that the moment was quite funny and that Princess Anne did not look at all bothersalthough neither of them were clear what they meant, Jonathan for apologizing, and Princess Anne for answering that it was already done.

In the end Sir Pryce assured that in the first place apologized with her because he didn’t know how to react to the presence of the imposing royal figure, and the reason was simply to avoid any discomfort that the princess might have had from seeing her performance in the series, but luckily that was not the case.

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