She was Kate Middleton’s great inspiration for writing her speech about her cancer diagnosis.

The princess Kate Middleton Just weeks ago she announced to the entire world that she had been diagnosed with cancer, after undergoing some tests and abdominal surgery. Her announcement was made through a video that was published by the Palace; In this one could observe the positivity that the princess transmitted to admit that she had such a serious illness, and according to royal experts, this message would have been inspired by her speech about Covid-19 from a special person for her.

The Queen isabel II would have been the inspiration for Kate, as royal sources highlight the similarity of the emotional message and the late queen’s encouraging words.

You can infer the sincerity and warmth that characterize the two speeches, demonstrating their ability to communicate genuinely and with great strength, and ensuring that people have a lot of hope to overcome anything despite all the inconveniences that may be occurring.

Without a doubt, her husband’s grandmother, the prince williamwas very close to her and to this day Kate Middleton shows that she left her good lessons to apply to life.

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