Stray Kids’ Hyunjin fills his fans with tenderness with a poetic response in an interview with Cartier

A video was recently released that shows the nostalgic side of South Korean stars, such as hyunjin of Stray Kids, who He filled his fans with tenderness with an emotional response in a Cartier interviewwhere he looked as handsome as always.

In the new video, the luxury brand asked the celebrities Jisoo of BLACKPINKDoona Bae, Teo Yoo, Go Soo and Hyunjin: ‘What journey would you like to start again?‘, which surprised everyone, however, they quickly responded as if they were prepared for the questioning.

The Stray Kids member began to say poetically: ‘The snowy setting of a ryokan, the melody of a music box and the sound of my parents’ conversation‘, revealing his appreciation for music and his love for his parents, with whom he would have an admirable relationship, since he is an only child.

Although the artist has kept the identities of his family members a secret to protect his life in total privacy, he has not stopped showing love, making all fans fall in love with this side of youwho have left comments like: ‘The Idol’s thoughts are as beautiful as he is‘.

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