Stray Kids surpasses TWICE by obtaining another #1 album in the United States

The boys of Stray Kids They continue to demonstrate their great worth in the USAand now, they surpass TWICE with an important milestone, which without a doubt demonstrates the constant growth of the Idols, not only in the K-Pop industry but also in their influence in the Western Hemisphere.

Over the next few hours,’Rock Star‘ by Stray Kids becomes the best-selling album in the American country, climbing from fifth place on the prestigious list of Billboard Top Album Sales, until it was positioned in first place, registering a little more than 213,000 copies sold as reported Luminatewhich leaves TWICE’s album right behind, hot on its heels!

And the first place is strongly contested by both groups of the K-Popand it’s not for nothing, since you have to accept that regardless of the top, both bands are quite good and competitive!

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