The best kpop albums of 2023 according to Billboard United States

The albums of kpop represented an important genre for the industry in the year 2023, so the American magazine Billboard has made a list of the best albums of this type throughout the year. Who have been selected?

We say goodbye to the year 2023 As an important season for music globally, the increase in audience on streaming platforms streaming It shows the changes and directions that this type of art has had in recent years. kpop is one of those genders which has taken on great relevance in recent years.

An example of this is the importance that platforms and magazines have given to fans of this type of music that currently dominates the global lists. For this reason, Billboard has decided to launch a list with its best kpop albums of the year 2023:

1. Onew –Circle

2. V – Layover

3. woodz – OO-LI

4. aespa – My World

5. ATEEZ – The World EP.Fin: Will


7. (G)I-DLE – I Feel

8. August d – D-Day

9. Stray Kids – 5-STAR

10. ENHYPEN – Orange Blood

eleven. Johoney –Lights

12. ΕΧΟ – Exists

13. TXT –The Name Chapter: Temptation

14. Ash Island – Rose

fifteen. Billie – the Billage of Perception: Chapter Three


17. Jinyoung – Chapter 0: With

18. DO – Expectation

19. Kim Sejeong –Door

twenty. Taeyang – Down to Earth

twenty-one. CAMO – Pressure Makes Diamonds

22. Red Velvet – Chill Kill

23. NewJeans – Get Up

24. Kim Jaehwan –JAM

25. IVE – I’VE IVE

And you, did you like the list of Billboard with the best kpop albums of the year?

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