The charming visit of Queen Letizia and King Felipe VI to Princess Leonor at the military academy

The Princess Eleanor She left her family behind to join an impeccable military career in August 2023, and although the monarch visited her last March, it is true that she has been alone most of the time in the institution, something which can discourage anyone, but this will change with the lovely visit of the Queen Letizia and the king Philip VI They will do it to the princess at the military academy.

That’s right, the Spanish kings will visit Saragossa to attend an important military event and of course the Flag Oath of the XLIV promotion of the General Military Academy, where they will not only spend a pleasant time with their daughter, but also, both Letizia Ortiz like Princess Leonor, will witness this very special moment for King Felipe.

Although meeting his daughter is not the main reason for this important visit to the Aragonese capital, it will be a lovely reunion public for the Spanish royal family, and which will most likely give us some new emotional images of the princess with her parents after an exhaustive academic period.

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