A mixologist reveals what it’s like to work with Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is undoubtedly a very well-known and popular celebrity in the world of entertainment, and he not only releases incredible songs as a musical artist, but also produces and performs in the Hollywood industry, where he has left us iconic scenes to see again and again. time, and now, the person in charge of having created three iconic flavors of Delola has revealed what it is like to work with JLo.

Lynnette Marrerowho was an actress before dedicating herself to Mixology (fine term to refer to the mixture of liquors), he told how his story had been so far in an interview for Peoplewhere he talked about his childhood, his experience in acting and especially how he managed to work with Jennifer Lopez on her Delola alcoholic beverage brand.

She said that at first she did not know who it was, or to whom said brand belonged, she was only explained the concept of the place on the Italian coast, with this in mind, Marrero had to participate against other mixologists, where she presented seven flavors , which Jennifer Lopez tried personally, and it was only at this point that she finally learned the truth, she revealed that she was shocked after finding out, and that this had given her even more motivationknowing that I would start working with her.

But this was not all, too revealed how well you can work with the protagonist of ‘The Mother’I love the process (and working) with someone who feels so committed to their projects. I think this is really important, since you are doing something yours, you have to be really involved in it, take care of it, and for me it was an incredible experience to be able to see how he works and how he pays attention to every detail.“.

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