This could have been the first meetings between Gerard Piqué and Clara Chía Martí

The controversy that caused the breakup between the former footballer Gerard Piqué and the Colombian singer Shakirais no longer the headline in the media, it does continue to attract the attention of numerous curious entertainment lovers, since, although it is known that everything happened due to an alleged infidelity, there are still details of great interest.

For example, What those first meetings between Gerard Piqué and Clara Chía Martí could have been likeand among all the speculations of Internet users, no one would have imagined what a woman has said on her social networks, the user of TikTok @stella.jou uploaded a video to her channel where she claims to have worked with the businessman’s controversial partner, and also states what the interactions between the two were like.

I got along well with her. She was very nice, I’m a pretty shy person, she didn’t talk much to people. I realized that she had a relationship with the club members“, the user begins by saying, and then reveals that when she finished working, Clara always stayed in a booth with ‘well-known people’ to continue the night and to meet Gerard Piqué, something that at that time was unthinkable for her, “I never suspected anything because Martí had a boyfriend that I knew because he came very often.“.

The Internet user stated that everything changed when one night a man with ski mask He entered the nightclub, and the fear he felt transformed into amazement when he took off his mask, revealing that it was Gerard Piqué, “He arrived with a balaclava so that they wouldn’t recognize him and so he could see Clara. I thought they were good friends because she had a boyfriend, but now, seeing it clearly, I started to believe the comments they said, and everything started to make sense.“.


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