The comedy series that won 6 Emmy Awards is back in June

The Bear‘ is one of the most popular series since 2022, because with the performance of great stars, and created by Christopher Storer, this comedy-drama production won 6 famous Emmy awards, including Best Comedy Series, Best Supporting Actor (2), Best Lead Actor, Best Direction and Best Screenplay.

The gastronomic drama, which goes beyond simple recipes and preparation of dishes, and which goes deeper into personal battles and conflicts in the kitchen, is already on its way. third season which is expected to be released in June, and which thousands of viewers are already waiting for, since it has been highly awarded, and it is not in vain.

In itself, the main plot revolves around Carmen Berzatto (Jeremy Allen White), a renowned chef who is forced to return to his hometown to take over a family restaurant. There, forced to transform the place, he runs into some financial obstacles that could lead him to lose everything.

Although it is not known for sure, the third season, which will be seen in June, could possibly deal with the future love that the protagonist has with Claire (Molly Gordon), as there are certain indications that there could be a breakup, leading the two to live new adventures.

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