Nickelodeon characters steal the Super Bowl on networks: the children of the 90s are happy – El Sol de México

For several years now, the NFL has been seeking through different means to bring American football to new audiences, as has been seen with the great publicity it has given to Taylor Swift’s relationship with the player Travis Kelce or her collaboration with Nickelodeon, which in the Las Vegas Super Bowl had a great reception at least on social networks.

For weeks Nickelodeon and the NFL Super Bowl have been on the lips of a sector that is not usually close to this sport after the announcement that the SpongeBob characters would be in the special broadcast of the game, in addition to the fact that the popular sponge would be the halftime show.

As soon as the game between Kansas City and San Francisco began, the rendition of “Sweet Victory” from The SpongeBob SquarePants came to light, in reference to the SpongeBob SquarePants episode where Squidward forms a band to give the halftime show at the Bowl. Bubbles.

Seeing characters like Patricio Estrella, Sandy, Plankton and Mrs. Puffen on instruments undoubtedly fueled nostalgia in children of the 90s, as it quickly became a trend on social networks.

But the Bikini Bottom characters were not the only ones who participated in the spectacular event: during the referees’ announcements – when they explain a punishment against the teams – Dora the Explorer appeared to give more details about the rule on which the matches were based. judges for their decision.

As if that were not enough, Nickelodeon also brought real-world stars to Bikini Bottom, with animations that turned personalities like Billie Eilish, LeBron James or Vin Diesel into fish.

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