The marriage of Camilla Parker and King Charles III, deteriorated by problems in the royal family

The instability and controversy in marriage between Camilla Parker and the king Charles III of the United Kingdomis linked directly from several internal problems of the British royal family. One of them, or perhaps the best known to public opinion, is the extensive fight with the prince harry and his wife Meghan Markle.

Tension, speculation, gossip, critics and divided opinions; Life as a British royal is a true soap opera tale that never seems to end. But now, and in accordance with nearby sources to the Buckingham Palace, Camilla Parker Bowles would be blocking any attempt at rapprochement between King Charles III and his youngest son, Prince Harry.

According to recent reports by the ‘’ portal, Camilla’s ultimatum has unleashed “one of the biggest arguments in history and has left her marriage in ruins.” This, despite the fact that several months ago there was some speculation about Camilla’s supposed desire to restore family harmony between the dukes of sussex and the rest of the members of the british royalty.

In turn, sources from ‘The National Enquirer’ assure that the current Queen consort from the United Kingdom, does not feel any affection for his youngest stepson, thanks to the harsh criticism he made against him in his controversial memoir ‘Spare’, published in January of this year, along with the accusations of racism that arose in the interview of Harry and Meghan with Oprah Winfrey. All these events make Camilla now want them very far from her surroundings.

The kings of the United Kingdom have faced several problems in their short reign.

Others informants of Buckingham Palace, allege that the king’s wife also strongly opposed the idea of ​​Charles III inviting Harry to his 75th birthday celebration. Given this event, numerous rumors arose that the duke had rejected the invitation. invitation, but a statement issued by relatives of the prince himself denied the rumors ensuring that invitations from the United Kingdom never arrived at his home in Montecito.

Camilla Parker would be exerting a notable influence on the decisions of King Charles III.

All these events will have the edge of the limit marriage between Camilla Parker and the king Charles III, whose love has gone through all kinds of adversity since they met when they were just young people. And now, almost 20 years after they finally managed to get married, the controversies surrounding them continue to wreak havoc on their relationship, which still has divided opinions from the public.

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