The moving message of King Carlos III during Christmas 2023

The British royal family has been one of the most mentioned things in these last days of Christmas, and it is not for nothing, since both the king Charles IIIas the main family unit of royalty, have been giving various recognitions and attending various events to commemorate and celebrate these December dates, and now the leader of the English monarchy will give a brief but moving message regarding this December 25.

That’s right, through a short but encouraging speech, King Charles III communicated a message for this Christmas 2023, where he spoke about families and the birth of Jesus, of course, he also mentioned the current conflicts that humanity is going through. and emphasized respect and tolerance between religions, a message that more than being a duty, is a real tradition, since it has been delivered since 1957 by the deceased Queen isabel IIthe pre-recorded words of the father of the prince william You can listen to them on the official channel of the British royalty at Youtube.

The British monarchy has been quite careful regarding this year’s festive dates, and they are not only the first that the royal family has spent together since the departure of Queen Elizabeth II, but also together with the royal institution, they seek to commemorate the traditions which the mother of the current royal leader had carried out without fail for more than 50 years.

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