The moving photos of the Spanish royal family that stand out among accusations of infidelity

The Spanish royal family is going through one of its worst moments in a long time, or at least that is what the Spanish press claims, and it is not for nothing, since recently, due to the controversial revelations of the former brother-in-law of the Queen Letizia, Jaime del Burgothe monarch has fallen under strong accusations of having committed adultery against her husband on king Philip VI.

However, among all these controversial accusations, royal fans have highlighted some very moving photographs relatives of the Spanish monarchy, where you can appreciate the affection, the unity and above all, the love that exists between Letizia Ortiz, Felipe VI, Eleanor and Sofia.

The images are not recent at all, and the truth is, due to the situation, it would be very difficult to see these types of photographs currently, they date from last July 2023, and were taken during the visit of the royal family to the gardens of Alfabia, however, the royal fan account @smreinaletiziaortizhas highlighted the series of snapshots during this entire complicated marital situation that Queen Letizia is going through, this in order to demonstrate support for the monarchs.

Of course, among the debates that have been created on the internet, there are a large number of users who do not believe in the gossip dictated by the Burgo businessman, ensuring that it is a way to make life impossible for Letizia Ortiz, let us remember that the subject maintained a engagement with the monarch more than a decade ago.

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