Ammonia leak in the port of Topolobampo alerts the population in Sinaloa – El Sol de México

A strong smell of ammonia alerted the residents of the port of Topolobampo the morning of this Thursday, December 28, which caused the mobilization of elements of Protection Civil and of port Pemexplace from where the smells originated.

The report emerged around 8 in the morning. Reports mention that the aroma began to emanate from the port Pemexlocated south of The Mochisbelonging to Municipality of Home.

The information that authorities they have provided to means of communication local is that it has not yet been located the point where the leak began.

Likewise, it has not been ruled out to close the facilities of the petrochemistryalthough the municipal coordinator of Civil Protection, Mario Cosme Gallardosaid the closure of the pier would be a Act very extreme.

The official told the press that Pemex has protocols to deal with this type of circumstances and currently continues the mobilizations.

The sectors where residents perceived the stench are Thermoelectricinvasion Daisy flower, VaraderoLos Conchos.

The information revealed specifies that a tanker Hello Apollo that pumped At Pemex, 15 thousand metric tons of ammonia were docked before the smell emanated.

The data warn that said vessel had scheduled arrival at the port at 10 in the morning with a load of 15 thousand metric tons of ammonia.

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Regarding citizens affected by the escape, the authorities Serious poisonings are unknown, they are only reported discomfort in the throat, nose and nausea.

Originally published in The Sinaloa Sun

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