The murky secrets of Spanish royalty with Queen Letizia: infidelities, corruption and fights

Within the world of royalty, we can be clear that not everything is rosy as the caricatures paint it, and that, on the contrary, it is a much more serious environment and for some, even shady, that’s right, not just the monarchy. British has been under serious accusations, but also the Spanish crown, who according to the international press, hide dark secrets regarding the Queen Letiziasuch as infidelities, corruption and many arguments.

With the recent controversies caused by Queen Letizia’s former brother-in-law, Jaime del Burgoby revealing that she was unfaithful to him king Philip VI By maintaining a romantic relationship while she was already married to him, the Spanish monarchy is being pointed out by countless foreign media, where they assure that the House of Bourbon is going through a series of quarrels and high-level discussions, with controversies that would easily be applicable for a television drama.

But is Letizia Ortiz really to blame for all this havoc? To answer this question, we must compile some of the above scandals that marked the reins of royalty in the Iberian country, and one of the most remembered is undoubtedly the dispute between Letizia and the former Queen Sofía in a ceremony at the United Kingdom in 2019, where the wife of King Felipe VI was accused of “showing her true colors”, after treating her mother-in-law roughly, for wanting to get closer to her granddaughters.

And how can we forget, the time when Queen Letizia was accused of supporting a businessman who was under suspicion of corruption In 2016, taking into account all the controversies created since the arrival of the former journalist to the Spanish crown, the answer to the previous question would be obvious, although currently it cannot be answered so lightly, since the truths about everyone These facts will always be hidden by real institutions.

Do you think it’s all just media gossip? Or does the monarchy really have shady secrets about the current queen? Tell us, what do you think about all this?

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