The NBC television network rejected this offer from Meghan Markle, turning off her new role in ‘Suits’

The NBC is the American television network that at the time aired the series ‘Suits’, in which the former royal member Meghan Markle He played a leading role and continues to give something to talk about to this day. According to some media, it is stated that this chain rejected a proposal that the Duchess of Sussex had done in order to continue her work on the spin-off, since the role she wanted to have now had nothing to do with the work she had done previously.

An alternative or spin-off of this legendary series that will be titled ‘Suits: LA‘ arose thanks to the fact that the streaming platform Netflix had added the main production to its catalogue, causing thousands of viewers to see it and thus begin to demand a second part. And although Meghan was asked to participate in the series again, her proposal to the network went far beyond her.

The duchess expressed that she wanted to be part of the project; however, this time not with his performance but through his production company ‘Archewell’.

Meghan was clear that she did not want to get involved as an actress again, however, with Archewell she wanted to make her way as a producer on the spin-off, something that NBC did not approve and finally rejected, extinguishing the idea of ​​her participation in the production.

And as has been known through different media, the duchess, in order to become more famous in Hollywood, now wants to make her directorial debutHowever, it seems that with this production it will not be possible.

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