The new Netflix drama series that has only 8 chapters and is one of the most viewed in the world

Netflix Recently premiered a drama genre series that has quickly positioned itself as one of the most watched in the world. Its 8 chapters have completely conquered the users of the platform and have praised its enigmatic plot.

‘Deceptions’ is the drama series British film that premiered on Netflix on January 1st of this year. It is starring Michelle Keegan and Richard Armitage.

Its plot is completely based on the acclaimed homonymous novel of harlan Coben. It is currently the most watched series in the world within the service.

The plot tells the history in Maya Stern (Michelle Keegan) and Joe Burkett (Richard Armitage) who fall in love and start a family. They both got married and are happy with their daughter, but everything changes when he is murdered and everything is sadness and uncertainty for her, who discovers in a hidden camera to monitor her daughter, that her husband is not really dead.

With only 8 chapters, ‘Deceptions’ has managed to capture the attention of Netflix subscribers, allowing itself to currently be one of the most successful series on the platform. Check your official trailer here:

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