The new trailer for “Deadpool 3” causes a stir due to its unexpected relationship with the Marvel multiverse

The new trailer of Deadpool 3 or rather ‘Deadpool & Wolverine‘, has left all the fans of Marvel shocked, and it is not surprising, since images and previews of the feature film have been revealed, which no one expected, such as Deadpool’s entrance to the TVAThat’s right, the organization that is responsible for keeping the spacetime of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in order, or at least this is what was implied in the series. Loki of disney.

Social networks have been filled with comments and opinions from users about the plot that will cover the new film starring Ryan Reynolds and Jack Hughmanamong which the doubt has arisen whether the immortal character, in a red suit, will at some point encounter a personality from the other Marvel superhero films, since this is something that has not been detailed in the preview video published in last superbowl.

What we are sure of is the great furor that has caused its unexpected relationship with the Marvel multiversewhich undoubtedly exceeded the expectations of millions of fans, who most likely expected a film focused on a new action story of the mercenary Wade Wilsonthe film will premiere in theaters on July 26.

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