The official trailer for ‘Deadpool 3’ breaks viewing records around the world

After so long of waiting, the fans They are finally facing the year in which ‘Deadpool 3’ will be released, where the story of the controversial Super Hero will have a new stage of adventures to tell with the company of Wolverine Hugh jackman. And now, the premiere of its official trailer has become a success in the Internet.

Yesterday, and in the middle of Super Bowl 2024, the official trailer for ‘Deadpool 3’ has been released. As expected, the advance has broken numerous views records around the world, being proof of the high expectations for this film.

With more than 16 million views in its first 24 hours of publication on Youtubethus becoming the most viewed movie trailer of the year so far.

At the same time, in other platforms and social networks has also obtained an excellent performance, so it is expected that the official premiere of the film Marvel next July 26, be a success and success in the ticket office global.

‘Deadpool 3’ promises to become the movie most successful and grossing movie of the year 2024, will it make it?

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