The photo of Kim Kardashian that was completely ruined by Photoshop

The model and socialite kim kardashian He has a shower of criticism on his social networks due to a recent photograph he published and in which the excess of Photoshop did its thing, leaving as its purpose a photograph very altered from reality.

Like hundreds of celebrities have done, the model decided to publish on her social network instagram, some Christmas photographs, near the trees, with a snow effect and with his children. Although the images were very tender, fans realized a fact that no one was able to forgive.

It is normal for models to attract attention with their photographs and have to use some type of retouching on them. This is what the model who started in the world of entertainment has done, and it is normal for Kim Kardashian to rely on this type of technology to be able to look much better, however, fans are clear that as soon as there is an error, or a optical illusion failure, comments and criticisms cannot be forgiven.

This time it happened when in one of the model’s photographs it was seen that she had two thumbs on his right handsomething that left fans completely bewildered, and that has served to make the comments on the photos simply criticize for ‘bad editing’.

How do you feel about this news?

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